"Do it big,
do it right,
and do it with style." - Fred Astaire

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"To touch, to move,
to inspire.
This is the true gift of dance." - Aubrey Lynch

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"The dance is a poem. Each movement is a word." - Mata Hari

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About Us

Platinum Dance Project is Oshawa's newest dance studio, specializing in multiple styles of dance. Our Dance teachers are fully certified instructors who keep up to date on the latest trends in the dance industry. Offering classes in recreational, Part time and Full time competitive programs, private lessons, as well as 8 week sessions and summer workshops. Be a part of Platinum Dance Project and explore your potential.

Why Choose Platinum Dance Project?

At Platinum Dance Project we strive to create a positive atmosphere where everyone feels welcome no matter what their dance level or experience is. Whether the student is coming for recreational or competitive classes our teachers will take pride in making sure each individual student reaches their own personal potential with a large focus on technique, discipline, self confidence as well as development and growth of each dancer. It is our goal for each child to have fun and discover the joy of dance.

What dance training has to offer your child.

Children who train in dance develop valuable skills, along with a lifelong appreciation for the arts. The skills learned through dance will stay with them throughout their life. Dance lessons embrace a sense of individuality, which will allow your children to develop their own unique styles. Students will gain self confidence, respect, responsibility, time management, and many other life skills throughout their time at the dance studio.

Where to find us?

650 King Street East | Oshawa, ON L1H 1G5

Meet the Instructors

Laura Belliveau

Co-Owner/Artistic Director - Lauraís passion and love for dance was discovered at a young age, she has received extensive training in various dance forms...

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Jane Ongaro

Co-Owner/Artistic Director - Jane Ongaro began dancing at 3 years old. She continued to train into high school, training in all styles of dance with a focus on acro...

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Photo Gallery

Programs: Recreational

Recreational Program

  • A program designed to teach the students who come once or twice a week with the same qualified instruction as the competitive programs. These classes will focus on learning the foundations of dance in a structured but fun and positive atmosphere. Students will learn self confidence, discipline and teamwork.

Pre Dance Recreational Program

  • Ages 4-5 years
  • An introduction to dance for the younger students. This program is designed to teach your child how to follow direction, and learn the fundamentals of dance. The classes are 30 minutes in length and are taught by qualified adult instructors with the help of mature student helpers. The instructors will create a positive, fun and structured learning atmosphere. Your young beginner dancer will enjoy making friends, and having fun while also learning the discipline of dance.

Mommy and Me

  • 30 minute class
  • Our Mommy and me class has been designed for both the parent and toddler to interact through dance. This is a fun class where your child will be introduced to moving to music. It is for our youngest students (approximately age 1.5 - 3yrs). A great class to start getting your young one used to group settings, learning, and having fun.
  • ***Please note this program is offered in both 8 week sessions and full dance season Sept - June

Dance and Play

  • 30 minute class
  • Dance and play is a program designed to introduce our young students to movement, rhythm, co-ordination and balance as well as the fundamentals of dance. Students will also learn skills in listening, taking direction and being in a group setting with other children their age. We encourage these students to use their creativity through movement and fun props will be provided as learning tools in each class. (age 2-3yrs)
  • ***Please note this program is offered in both 8 week sessions and full dance season Sept - June

Programs: Competitive

Competitive Program

  • A program for the students who have been taking lessons at the recreational level and are ready to train and compete in multiple forms of dance. Students are challenged to work to their personal potential and obtain a discipline and commitment to dance. Competitive team members learn how to work as part of a team, always acquire good sportsmanship, challenge themselves and grow as dancers. We strive to truly inspire our dancers to build their self esteem, set and reach their goals and feel proud of their accomplishments. Platinum Dance Projectís main goal is not to bring home the biggest trophy but to learn respect and discipline for the art of dance.
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Mini Competitive Program

  • A competitive program designed for our dancers at the mini age level. These students will train in such styles as ballet, jazz and tap, and will compete with age appropriate routines.
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Part Time Competitive Program

  • A competitive program for the students who are ready to compete and further their dance training. The students will get disciplined and extensive training in multiple styles and technique classes as well as learn choreography to compete with routines at competitions throughout the dance season.
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Full Time Competitive Program

  • A competitive program for the dedicated dancer who is able to commit to multiple hours a week. The student will train in all styles offered and will be required to attend multiple technique classes per week. Competing in a variety of routines such as large groups, small groups, trios/duets and/or solos.
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